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Terms of Sale
The following list has information you should consider before purchasing a puppy from us

Payments are accepted in the form of:

  1. Cash when the puppy is picked up or delivered personally

  1. United States postal money orders if you wish to mail a payment

  1. Credit or debit card over the phone, or in person

              d. Other forms of payment may be accepted, however, we do NOT accept personal checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks without prior approval. If an unapproved form of payment is made, it will be returned and your puppy will not be considered secured by your deposit.

2. Deposits and payments are NON REFUNDABLE unless there is a health issue with the puppy found after the deposit has been made. ALL
     buyer caused situations are not eligible for a refund.

3. Shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility. Puppies are for sale and available here in Wayland, Iowa. We have and will continue to meet customers if our schedule allows it.
4. While 8 weeks old is the age allowed by law when puppies can first go to their new home, not all puppies are ready at that time. Buyers must
     be aware that since puppies are unpredictable and are living creatures, getting your new puppy may not always happen at 8 weeks. There are
     many factors that affect when a puppy is ready. We do not want to and will not knowingly send a puppy to its new home until we feel it is completely
     ready. Puppies that are being shipped will have to be 9 - 10 weeks of age or older if they are extremely small. We reserve the right to determine
     when puppies are ready to go to their new homes.
5. We are available to show puppies by appointment only. All visits must be scheduled in advance.

6. Our puppies are sold as pets and are available to loving forever homes. We understand that sometimes there are things in life that happen that cannot be avoided. Should you find yourself unable to keep your puppy please let us know. We have helped other customers find new homes for their
    dogs in situations like this.

7. Our purebred puppies are available to pet homes without registration papers for the price listed. Registration papers are available to approved breeding homes for an additional fee.
8. Occasionally we have people who want one of our puppies for a breeder, we are not opposed to other people breeding, but there are a few extra guidelines that we have when selling a puppy to a breeding situation. If you are interested in a breeding quality puppy please contact me and we can discuss that further.

9. Above all, we want to ensure that our puppies go to homes where they will be cared for properly. It is our concern that they do not end up in situations where they are neglected or abused. I hope you can appreciate and understand this concern. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone who does
     not meet our qualifications.

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Terms of Sale
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